The Classroom sessions are intensive workshops that covers the following areas:

Basics of Radio Presenting

Radio Show Prep Essentials (Planning, Structure and Production

Basic Structure of the Broadcast Interview

Microphone and Voice Over Technique and Artistry

Introduction to Radio production and Jingle software

Radio Broadcast Ethics.


How BRMC Training Works

Because every BRMC Student has a unique schedule with varying degrees of availability,  classes are reserved for Saturdays only and assignments are given for each student to complete in their own time during the week.  Study materials are received by email.


You’ll read and watch training materials at your convenience, and complete short assignments.

Information learned from completed assignments will immediately be applied to the weekly mock radio show you record

Your mentor will have a review session with you to discuss and critique your radio show, and offer you pointers to practice.

You will observe how live radio is produced and presented, and serve as an apprentice to your mentor in various aspects at the radio station.