Get radio presentation tips and connect with other BRMC students for group discussions and assignments on your mobile phone. 

All BRMC participants receive a certificate of participation after completing the training program

BRMC provides networking opportunities with media practitioners and industry professionals. 

BRMC is particular about internship and mentorship based learning. Students are  introduced to mentors they can understudy and learn directly from

Everyone is welcome at BRMC!

Young media enthusiasts, students & non media persons who have an interest in radio and just want to learn more.

We prepare you for your future career in radio.

Our goal is to produce creative radio professionals capable of multi-skilled employment in the radio industry.
Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of the 21st century radio industry, with emphasis on the commercial and national broadcasting industry segments.



We are always excited to share stories of our students doing well and marking their own teritories across the industry. Here are some of them:

One of the highlights of the program for me was the internship opportunity I got through the BRMC. I now work as a broadcast intern at 99.3 Nigeria Info FM. I also enjoy continued mentorship even after the program ended. I have access to some of the facilitators from the training and they have been very supportive. 
The BRMC program has been a pivotal experience for me. I have re-discovered my love for writing through some of the assignments we were given and this has helped improve my online presence 

Oladipo Omoware

“A friend spotted my passion and pursuit for a radio career and recommended I take the Broadcast Radio Master Class.

This was the turning point for me. Going through the Broadcast Radio Master Class exposed me to the real world of radio, the behind the mic technicalities and a great deal of my rough edges were fine tuned.
Within a month of my completion of the Broadcast Radio Master Class, I sent in my first application, received my first call back and have now kick started my career in radio broadcasting

Joan Mustapha 

Oh my! I learnt so much in a serene, friendly atmosphere, with teachers who were ready to break things down to beginners level and colleagues who regularly stimulated me to think ‘outside any ~shape~ box’.

The teaching was Uber personalized with projects and assignments that brought out various sides of us we never knew existed. We had loads of fun and most importantly we learnt… Alot about the dynamics of the media especially the radio industry in Nigeria.

Dr. George

Study with us.  We promise you’ll like it!

Our Faculty

Our management and academic team are seasoned, tested and professional media personalities from the biggest media organisations in Lagos.



Nelly Kalu


Temi Ogunmokun


Tony Doe






Some of Our Media Partners

BRMC partners with several media organisations to provide practical internship opportunities for our students after the training session.