Get radio presentation tips and connect with other BRMC students for group discussions and assignments on your mobile phone. 

All BRMC participants receive a certificate of participation after completing the training program

BRMC provides networking opportunities with media practitioners and industry professionals. 

BRMC is particular about internship and mentorship based learning. Students are  introduced to mentors they can understudy and learn directly from

Everyone is welcome at BRMC!

Young media enthusiasts, students & non media persons who have an interest in radio and just want to learn more.

New Classes Start FEBRUARY 2018


We prepare you for your future career in radio.

Our goal is to produce creative radio professionals capable of multi-skilled employment in the radio industry.
Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of the 21st century radio industry, with emphasis on the commercial and national broadcasting industry segments.


Study with us.  We promise you’ll like it!

Our Guest Lecturers

At BRMC we work with seasoned and experienced broadcasters across all media organisations in the country. 

Fola Folayan

Operations Director

Tola Omoniyi

Guest Lecturer

Nelly Kalu

Guest Lecturer

Tony Doe

Guest Lecturer

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